• Applicable to label: label diameter,φ40mm-120mm(1.6″-4.7″) (best for 75mm) label. The smallest label size: (width)25mm×(length)25mm (1″×1″); the largest label size: (width)150mm×(length)300 mm (6″×12″).
  • Applicable to bottle: round bottles (not applicable to bottles of other shapes), PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles and other materials bottles.
  • The stainless steel body ensures that the machine is durable.
  • High-sensitivity sensor can effectively sense the gap between two labels, ensuring that every time the handle is pressed, the label can automatically rotate and stick the label.
  • This semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine does not come with the function of printing the production date (the function of printing the production date can be additionally installed).


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