• 3 side sealing machine (If you need a back seal machine, please choose the model for back seal). Automatically distribute the required weight into the bag and seal it
  • The power supply and air compressor need to be connected at the same time. In addition, please confirm your voltage and plug. We can produce 110V and 220V machines
  • Compared with the electric model, the pneumatic model is faster and more efficient
  • It is applicable to bags with a length of less than 22 cm. Bag width: 10.5-15cm (plastic film width: 21-30cm)
  • It needs to be used with our powder filling machine or particle filling machine
  • Different sizes of bags require different models of machines. Please contact us to confirm the size of bags you need before purchasing
  • This machine is suitable for packaging various powder or particle products. For example, tea in bags, coffee in bags, beans in bags, etc
  • Note:This is only the sealing part. The filling machine needs to be purchased separately


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