• Widely used in medical, chemistry, food, beverage, oil, and cosmetics. Like water, olive oil, fuel, drinks, vinegar, milk etc(low-viscous liquid without pellets. Not suitable for viscous liquids)
  • Compared with the GFK160, Improved setup panel for easier operation
  • Stainless steel case, meets GMP requirement,acid and alkali resistant.Filling range: 2-3500ml, Voltage: AC110V – 220V (Wide power supply voltage range),Power: 40W
  • Using liquid crystal display, touch panel is easier to operate simple, with functions such as counting, you can see the intuitive panel values
  • More reasonable shell design, we put a protective film on the shell to better protect the machine, so please tear off the protective film before use. Electric digital control, has drip-proof design. This machine has two working modes: once the interface of the filling machine is set, it must work in the setting mode, that is, select a working mode before using:Manual (Pedal control), Automatic


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